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Learn about the restorative power of resting.

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The market is saturated with material on eating, sleeping, exercise and so many conflicting information on how to restore your energies, way too many quick fix

solutions says  Lee Levy Dubai Life Coach

Feel and experiences the changes whilst being coached/

Life is a simple process that gets complicated by people.....Dubai Life Coach Lee Levy

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Life is a simple process that gets complicated by people as quoted by Lee Levy Dubai Life Coach

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Personal Expansion

There is nothing like returning to a place that remains unchanged to find the ways in which you yourself have altered...

President Nelson Mandela



Life Coach benefits

Dubai Life Coach Lee levy

Cape Town's  Lee Levy says Life Coaching is designed to free the self from all that's blocking the path to expansion at love, career & family.

Dubai Life Coach Lee Levy

The importance of reviving our energy in these trying times.

Dubai Life Coach Lee Levy launched his THIRD book called Enough which is NOT For Sale on his birthday 19th September.

Coach Lee Levy offers this book as a gift and whatever value you find, he asks that you make charity in his name.

Love is the most important energy we posses to expand personally and professionall. 

Asking for help and guidance is never a weakness.